Welcome to the Misting Direct online store. We manufacture and sell high quality misting systems, misting fans and outdoor fans at factory direct prices. Designing a high pressure misting system can seem confusing, so feel free to contact us for assistance. Our systems can be used for outdoor cooling systems, fog effects systems, humidification systems, dust control systems, odor control systems, concrete curing humidification systems etc. We specialize in designing and building misting systems for custom applications.

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Featured Products

ECO Kit. 10-20 Nozzle  Complete High Pressure Misting Kit  1000 PSI (Click Photo To Enlarge)
Regular price: $1,150.00
Sale price: $1,025.00
Nozzle Size:  Tubing Color:  Additional Nozzles and Nozzle Adapters: 
Pro Misting Fan Kit w/ 2 Fans. Pump Powers Up To 10 Misting Fans!
Regular price: $1,587.00
Sale price: $1,475.00
Ruby Nozzle Size:  Fan Color:  Tubing Color:  Additional Fan Kit (Shipping Included): 
Eco High Pressure Misting Pump 1000 PSI - 1/4 Gallon Per Minute (PECO)
Regular price: $890.00
Sale price: $809.00
Industrial Duty Misting Pump  1/2 gpm, 1000 psi (P.5)
Regular price: $1,425.00
Sale price: $1,285.00
Commercial Duty Misting Pump 1/3 GPM, 1000 PSI
Regular price: $1,000.00
Sale price: $905.00
Select Filtration: 
Stainless Steel Mist Diffuser
Regular price: $350.00
Sale price: $325.00
24" Wall Mount Oscillating Fan. Wet Location Approved
Regular price: $355.00
Sale price: $325.00
24" Wall Mount Oscillating Fan. Wet Location Approved MDF24BLK
24" Wall Mount Oscillating Fan. Wet Location Approved
Regular price: $355.00
Sale price: $325.00
24" Wall Mount Oscillating Fan. Wet Location Approved MDF24ORB
18" Misting Fan Mist Ring and Ruby Nozzles. Color:Oil Rubbed Bronze
Regular price: $254.99
Sale price: $239.99
Nozzle Size:  Misting Ring (Includes Nozzles): 
18" Misting Fan Mist Ring and Ruby Nozzles. Color:Black
Regular price: $254.99
Sale price: $239.99
Nozzle Size:  Misting Ring (Includes Nozzles): 
.008" Ruby Misting Nozzle (NR8)
.008" Ruby Misting Nozzle (NR8) NR8
Thread Size: 
.008" Compact Ruby Mist Nozzle (NR8S)
.008" Compact Ruby Mist Nozzle (NR8S) NR8S
Thread Size: 

Misting Systems by Misting Direct. Quality, Value & Reliability

High pressure mist cooling systems are a great way to cool any outdoor area! Misting Direct provides commercial quality outdoor cooling systems at factory direct prices! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to answer all of your questions, so feel free to call for assistance. We can even design a custom high pressure misting system for you, that will effectively cool any outdoor area, regardless of the climate.

We are experts in designing and manufacturing professional misting systems that are effective, even in areas with very high humidity. Our parent company Outdoor Cooling Systems maintains an installation and service department in South Florida and has designed and installed some of the finest misting systems in the industry. This real-world experience has helped us to manufacture the finest misting equipment available. Call now or send us an e-mail for free assistance.

Our high pressure mist cooling systems are in use at numerous resorts, residences, theme parks, restaurants, factories, warehouses etc. Installation is a breeze, with our complete installation instructions and free technical support. We carry ready to install, complete high pressure misting kits and can design a custom misting system just for you.

Misting Direct is your source for top quality high pressure mist cooling systems at factory direct prices!

Not sure what you need? Feel free to call or E-mail us with your questions.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to continue manufacturing the most innovative high pressure misting equipment available and at the greatest value to our customers. Our business plan is built on a foundation of maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry by manufacturing high quality equipment and providing world class customer service.

Quality, Value, Reliability

Outstanding Quality: Outdoor Cooling Systems manages quality throughout the manufacturing process including research and development, product design/development and the quality of materials and components.

Lasting Reliability: All of our misting equipment have been designed and extensively tested for lasting reliability. All of our mist system components are built to provide many years of reliable service. Our high pressure misting pumps, tubing and fittings are designed to be a long term investment. Replacement parts are kept in stock and we service all of our equipment in-house ensuring that our customers will be able to enjoy their high pressure misting systems for many, many years to come.

Greatest Value: Outdoor Cooling Systems achieves the greatest value for it's customers through the outstanding quality and lasting reliability of our misting equipment while maintaining competitive pricing of all products.

These core principals make Outdoor Cooling Systems an excellent choice for all of you high pressure misting system needs.