Welcome to the Misting Direct online store. We manufacture and sell high quality misting systems, misting fans and outdoor fans at factory direct prices. Designing a high pressure misting system can seem confusing, so feel free to contact us for assistance. Our systems can be used for outdoor cooling systems, fog effects systems, humidification systems, dust control systems, odor control systems, concrete curing humidification systems etc. We specialize in designing and building misting systems for custom applications.

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.008" Ruby Misting Nozzle

.008" Ruby Misting Nozzle (NR8)
.008" Ruby Misting Nozzle (NR8)
Item# NR8
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Product Description

Misting Direct's top of the line Ruby misting nozzles with synthetic ruby orifices have a more uniform orifice compared to nozzles with a stainless steel center, which allows our ruby misting nozzles to create an extremely fine mist. Ruby misting nozzles include a powerful built-in anti-drip valve that prevent the nozzles from dripping water while the pump is off. All of our nozzles can be easily disassembled and cleaned, which means they can provide years of service. Ruby misting nozzles are available in three different sizes: .006", .008", and .012", and are available with our standard 10-24 thread, or with a 12-24 thread that is compatible with some other brands of misting equipment. Please note that the color of the marking band will vary based on nozzle size: Red = .006", Blue = .008", No Band = .012".