Welcome to the Misting Direct online store. We manufacture and sell high quality misting systems, misting fans and outdoor fans at factory direct prices. Designing a high pressure misting system can seem confusing, so feel free to contact us for assistance. Our systems can be used for outdoor cooling systems, fog effects systems, humidification systems, dust control systems, odor control systems, concrete curing humidification systems etc. We specialize in designing and building misting systems for custom applications.

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Anchors Polyethylene

Anchors Polyethylene
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Product Description

Our polyethylene anchors are great for attaching stainless steel or nylon tubing to a variety of surfaces such as concrete, marble, stucco, bricks etc. To use these anchors drill a 3/16" hole 1.25" deep, insert the anchor and tap in the anchor with a hammer. Be sure not to over-tighten the screw.