Welcome to the Misting Direct online store. We manufacture and sell high quality misting systems, misting fans and outdoor fans at factory direct prices. Designing a high pressure misting system can seem confusing, so feel free to contact us for assistance. Our systems can be used for outdoor cooling systems, fog effects systems, humidification systems, dust control systems, odor control systems, concrete curing humidification systems etc. We specialize in designing and building misting systems for custom applications.

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Commercial Duty Misting Pump 1/2 GPM, 1000 PSI

Commercial Duty Misting Pump 1/2 GPM, 1000 PSI
Item# PO5
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Product Description

Our new open-frame misting pump is suitable for commercial and residential misting systems. This 1/2 gallon per minute pump features a heavy duty plunger pump, an aluminum oil crankcase, a continuous duty open drip proof enclosed motor, an adjustable regulator and a thermal relief valve (prevents damage to the pump seals).

The 1/2 gallon per minute capacity of this pump is perfect for most average sized misting systems. This pump can power up to 52 .006" Ruby Misting Nozzles, 37 .008" Ruby Misting Nozzles or 23 .012" Ruby Misting Nozzles.

This pump is appropriate for restaurants, hotels, resorts, patios, pool areas, warehouses, factories etc. Feel free to contact us for assistance in selecting a pump and for free assistance in designing an outdoor cooling system for your unique application.

-Made In The USA w/ Domestic and Foreign Components.